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Kim Wilson Brandt

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F. Jay Miele Parrot
ARTIST: KIM WILSON BRANDT Large hand sewn parrot, stuffed and painted with acrylic paint. This parrot was created for and exhibited at Frank J. Miele Gallery, Madison Avenue, New York, NY. Height: 12" Width: 24" Length: 24"
$150.00 (plus shipping)
Sea Urchin Scream
ARTIST: KIM WILSON BRANDT Inspired by the horror of Edvard Munch's "The Scream," when called upon to illustrate an appalling scene witnessed undersea by a scuba diver. This painting is one from my 3-½ years of illustrating the "What I Learned. . ." column for Skin Diver Magazine. Height: 18" Length: 17"
$175.00 (plus shipping)
Kiss a Frog, Still a Frog
ARTIST: KIM WILSON BRANDT Pastel of a modern feminist fair tale. The princess kisses a frog, but the frog is still a frog. This painting first exhibited at C.B.G.B.'s OMFUG gallery in New York, NY. Height: 24" Length: 20"
$250.00 (plus shipping)
It's a Fish Eat Fish World
ARTIST: KIM WILSON BRANDT Information can be dangerous in this Fish Eat Fish world. Created for and published by Stereo Review magazine. Height: 21-½" Length: 17"
$200.00 (plus shipping)
Mountain Music Festival
ARTIST: KIM WILSON BRANDT The wonderful atmosphere of the Ozark's Folk Music Festival includes dancing and music from sundown all through the night. Captured and illustrated for Travel & Leisure Magazine. Height: 10-½" 16-¾"
$180.00 (plus shipping)