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Beverly Martin

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Dolphin Wave
ARTIST: BEV MARTIN   In this fine Giclee art print made from the original watercolor, "The Dolphin Wave", the artist paints the fantastic and legendary image of a young girl riding a dancing white horse through the surf while a dolphin leaps playfully nearby. This is a very special painting because it carries this message: There is so much joy to be found in life so let us knot get caught long in our sorrows. Giclee print, matted and framed. Height: 23" Length: 23"
$162.00 (plus shipping)
Fall Creek in Spring
ARTIST: BEV MARTIN When I walked along Fall Creek in Felton, CA one spring, the woods were dark an the creek ran full. However, climbing down the bank I saw the dogwood tree with the snow white flower and lush green ferns clinging to the embankments. Looking south, suddenly the sky brightened through an opening in the trees. I snapped aphoto and later painted what I saw and felt: nature's solitude and dense forest beauty. Original acrylic on canvas, matted and framed. Height: 31" Length: 25"
$773.00 (plus shipping)
ARTIST: BEV MARTIN The father of this little girl, Lizzie, caught this special moment and provided the candid snap shot to me for this painting. I loved capturing the sweet affection so evident between the young girl and her companion goat in this painting. Painting with acrylics on canvas, I was able to give texture, light and color to both, iluminating and telling the story of the friendship they shared. Original acrylic on canvas, matted and framed. Height: 30" Length: 24"
$975.00 (plus shipping)
Who Let the Hogs Out?
ARTIST: BEV MARTIN This watercolor painting won recognition from the theme of the Santa Cruz County Fair. The Harley riders (Hogs) don't seem to get what a great joke it is to find themselves blocked at the show ground entrance by the rascally hogs who do seem to be greatly enjoying the little escapade. The gold, pink and lavender watercolor give a luminous glow to the sky and a fiery glow to the tree in this painting of the Santa Cruz countryside. Original watercolor, matted and framed. Heig
$812.00 (plus shipping)
Orchids Ole!
ARTIST: BEV MARTIN The watercolor painting is of a particularly fantastical Phalaenopsis Orchid having many wild stems with beautiful crimson flowers. It was a challenge to paint because it required many glazes to achieve the brilliant crimson color yet keep the narrow white edge border on each orchid petal. The orchid flower is so thin that every vein can be seen and the sun shining through creates a soft glow in the center of the flower. It is a powerful and beautiful painting of an orchid
$545.00 (plus shipping)
Red Rock Crossing
ARTIST: BEV MARTIN There is a mystical quality about this land in Sedona, Arizona. Walking in, I was struck by the awesome beauty of the Court House Monument jutting skyward in the distance. Even in winter, the autumn colors were ablaze around us. Whispers of ancient times filtered through the trees as the river sang it's timeless songs. With the brilliant acrylic colors available now, I was excited to capture the magic I felt as I walked those sacred grounds that day. Returning home with pho
$870.00 (plus shipping)
River Dreaming
ARTIST: BEV MARTIN The San Lorenzo River in Felton, California, as seen in this fine art giclee print, taken from my original watercolor painting, is a Garden of Eden and was a place to dream for me and my two sons. We swam the river and hiked the river trails for 40 years. In this painting, I captured the tranquil and peaceful dream state of the boy as he sits quietly gazing down river. Giclee print, matted and framed. Height: 25" Length: 21"  
$145.00 (plus shipping)
Roaring Camp in Spring
ARTIST: BEV MARTIN Roaring Camp in Felton, California is especially beautiful in spring time. A walk through the covered bridge beside the pond to the narrow-gage railroad and the distant redwood trees beyond will take you back in time. In this painting with spring flowers blooming in the meadow and pink sky and orange RR cars reflected in the pond, the artist captures a gorgeous spring day at the historic Roaring Camp.  Original acrylic on canvas, matted and framed. Height: 26" Length:
$773.00 (plus shipping)
Wine and Poppies
ARTIST: BEV MARTIN I painted "Wine and Poppies" to capture the delight and fun we experience when friends gather together to create and appreciate beautiful art. The luminous light, orange & yellow poppies and sparkling wine against the bronze pitcher suggest the warmth of good fellowship found amongst friends and at art and wine festivals and other such occasions. Original acrylic on canvas, matted and framed. Height: 24" Length: 30"
$748.00 (plus shipping)